Solar Maintenance: Inverter Replacement / Repairs

Solar Panel repairs from your local, experienced installers
Solar PV Maintenence: Inverter Repairs and Replacements

Faulty Inverters

Many homeowners who had string inverters installed at the higher rates of Feed-In-Tariff are starting to see error codes on their inverters, or their generation meters showing no signs of electricity production.

These inverters have reached the end of their expected 5 year lifespan, and are in need of repair or replacement in order to continue generating solar-powered electricity.

How Do I Know If My Inverter Is In Need Of Replacement?

Tampering with the incoming electrics can be very dangerous.

Affordable Energy Solutions can offer you a FREE SYSTEM CHECK in order to identify any issues. Only by looking at your system can we identify the best course of action to get your solar PV system generating electricity again.

Replacement Cost

Replacements starting at under £1,000!
You won’t find a better price elsewhere! If you do, please come back to us.

Book Your FREE PV System Check

One of our experienced solar installers can come to your property and check over your system. This appointment will take no longer than 1 hour. After this we can identify what action needs to be undertaken to fix your solar system. We can also advise on other energy and money saving ideas for your home.

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