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Beat Energy Price Rises

Don’t be held to ransom by energy companies!
NPower recently raised their electricity prices by 15% in March 2017. With other suppliers likely to follow suit, many homeowners are looking to solar PV as a way of reducing their bills, and safeguarding themselves against future price rises.

Home Improvement That Pays for Itself

Get paid for every unit of energy you generate through the government’s Feed-in-Tariff. On top of this, you will be paid for an extra 50% of what you generate (The Export Tariff).

To find out the current rates, and identify the payback period for your property, please Book Your Free Energy Survey.

Increase The Value of Your House

Research by the Government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) identified that solar PV increases your property value by an average of 14%. In some cases this amount is as high as 38%.

Essentially, they are saying that the system will pay for itself instantly, and then some! Plus you will receive Feed-In-Tariff payments, which could be considered as pure profit from day 1!

Go Green

Save up to 2 tonnes in harmful C02 emissions each year by utilising a clean source of energy.

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