Optimise Your Solar PV for up to 20% Savings and Greater Earnings

Every solar PV inverter will increase the voltage running through your household. This is inevitable, and happens as a result of your system sending excess electricity back to the national grid.

Installing a voltage optimiser regulates the voltages inside your household (not affecting the flow of electricity back to the grid), allowing for less wastage of energy, and less wear on your appliances.

Owners of Solar PV systems can expect savings of up to 20% on their energy consumption by regulating the incoming voltage.

You can also earn more money with your PV system, by eradicating inverter shut down during surges of high voltage.


How Voltage Optimisation Works with Solar PV

In the UK, the national grid supplies your electricity at an average of 240Volts, which is high compared to other countries. Your solar PV inverter will increase this by an average of 5 volts.

All modern appliances in Europe are required to operate at lower voltages, (this is why they carry the CE logo), with the optimal range between 220-230v. By installing the Home Energy Saver, your appliances will receive a lower, regulated voltage, allowing them to operate at peak efficiency which will reduce wear and tear, whilst saving you money.

Inverter Shut Off

Whilst we have discussed the grid supplying voltages at an average of 240v, the actual figure can and often does fluctuate. To prevent internal electronics from being damaged, all solar inverters are programmed to automatically shut off when incoming voltage is over 253v, until the voltage surge subsides.

This shut down and reboot process takes around 10 minutes, which can add up throughout the days, and weeks; increasing the time where you are not benefitting from electricity savings, or generating electricity to qualify for Feed-In-Tariff payments.

Home Power Saver – Optimise The Voltage In Your Household

Home Power Saver is the smart new way to reduce your electricity bills. It uses a technique called Voltage Regulation (or voltage optimisation) to reduce your energy consumption, 24hrs/day, 7days/week. Advances in technology have allowed us to shrink our very successful Home Power Saver optimiser range (which features Eco-Max technology by GWE Energy that has been reducing the energy bills of large businesses since 2002), into a small cost effective package, suitable for use in homes and smaller business premises.

Home Power Saver regulates the incoming voltage which runs through your property, keeping it at around 220 Volts, reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint, saving you money and extending the lifespan of your electrical appliances.

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These household names are saving energy and saving money 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week using an Electrical Management System (featuring Eco-Max technology by GWE Energy). With our new Commercial Power Saver you can too!